Sunday, 30 May 2010

How to remove Vista Security Tool 2010/ave.exe malware from your system?

Recently, my laptop got infected by Vista Security tool virus. Virus as such pops up a window, which looks like a genuine security update from Mircrosoft. When you click for the installation of the update, the virus simulates a list of viruses currently active in your system and asks you to download certain anti virus tool to clean up.

Worst thing, it will not allow you to access the internet through IE or Firefox. I got frustrated first few minutes but then started look at the processes active currently on my system. I was surprised to find the process by name ave.exe. I tried killing that process and starting Firefox. Voila, it worked. Then when I started searching for this ave.exe on the net, I found it was a malware. The following link provided useful information and I was able to remove the virus from my system after installing and executing the Malware bytes Anti-Malware software

In the steps given in the above link, for step 1, there are 2 methods you can follow. I followed the first method. You can follow subsequent the instructions in the above link to completely remove the ave.exe malware from your system.


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