Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What to do when you are unable to make outgoing calls from your Hutch/Vodafone SIM?

What is your immediate reaction when you are unable to make any calls from your cell phone. Frustrated? That was how I felt 2 days ago, when I was unable to make any outgoing calls from my mobile phone from a prime location in Bangalore. Electronic gadgets have made us over dependent on them nowadays.

My initial reaction was to restart the cell phone. No, it did not work. Then I tried switching off the phone, removing the battery and SIM card, put them back again to see if it works. No, it also didn't work. After half an hour or so, when I tried to make a call, I was able to do so. But it was not because of the tasks I did above.Sony Ericsson w705 cell phoneLater I came to know that though the network icon in the phone showed full coverage when I tried restarting the phone or removing the battery/SIM, it was not so. In such cases, updation of the SIM card will do the trick. I use Hutch/Vodafone connection.

Following are the steps you might want to follow to resolve the issue.
  • Go to Hutch Plus menu in your mobile phone.
  • Select Hutch Roam.
  • Select Hutch.
  • A Message will be displayed - 'SIM card update starts...', Select OK
  • One more message will be displayed - 'Allow SIM Update? Phone will restart', Select OK
  • After you do this you will see, 'Inactive SIM', in place of operator logo Hutch.
  • Phone will restart after few seconds and network coverage icon is shown on your cell phone.
  • You should now be able to make outgoing calls.
    P.S: The above procedure has been tested only on Home network of Hutch and not in Hutch Roaming.


    Shrinidhi Hande said...

    Congrats on new blog.

    I've the same phone, W705

    Raveesh Kumar said...

    Thanks Nidhi. I am also having W705

    Prosenjeet Gorai said...

    My phone intex simple phone. So how to make outgoing calls


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