Sunday, 28 March 2010

Finding Out Slider Count and Total Call Time in Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

Have you ever wanted to find out, how many times you have slided your Sony Ericsson slider phone(or slider count)? or Total call time of your Sony Ericsson mobile? Well, you find that out and more, with few key presses in your mobile.
  • Press the keys in the following order in your Sony Ericssson mobile phone - Right Navigation Key + '*' key + Left Navigation Key + Left Navigation Key + '*' key + Left Navigation Key + '*' key.
  • After you press the above keys, Service menu comes up on the mobile screen.
  • For finding out the slider count, Go to Service Info -> Slider Count.
  • For finding out the total call time of the mobile, Go to Service Tests -> Total Call time.
  • Apart from these, you can find the Model Info, Software Info, Configuration Info from 'Service info' menu item. You can also run tests to see the working of Main Display, LED/Illumination, Keys, Speaker, Earphone, Microphone, Vibrating Alert, Camera, Video Call Camera, Flash LED, FM Radio from 'Service tests' menu item.
  • To come out of Service menu, press the End Call key.
  • P.S: The above tests were done on Sony Ericsson W705 and W550i.


    Anonymous said...

    This also works on Sony Ericsson Hazel j20i Thanks

    Raveesh Kumar said...

    Thanks for sharing then info.

    Venkatesh K said...

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